Creating a Welcoming Classroom Environment

When you get your first teaching job, decorating and arranging your classroom is probably the last thing on your mind. Though a few rungs down the ladder from lesson planning and learning everyone’s names, creating a welcoming (and engaging) classroom environment goes a long way in helping students learn.

Big Benefits of Professional Learning Communities

Professional learning communities (PLCs) are formed in schools that are ready to take big strides in improving student learning. The PLC looks at student data, analyzes school systems, and examines all facets of student achievement.

How to Use Creative Writing to Prepare Students for Standardized Tests

It’s testing season, which means that students everywhere will be reading prose and poetry passages and filling out little bubbles to show what they understand about those pieces. While standardized tests seem difficult and mysterious at times, what students are expected to do on those exams can be boiled down to two answering two main questions:  What point does the author make and how do they make that point?

Great Places to Teach as an ESL/TESOL Teacher in 2017

Back in 2014, we published a piece featuring the top 10 cities for young teachers. Since then, one of the more notable changes in the American education landscape has been the significant rise in students for whom English is not their native language. Naturally, where there are students, there is a demand for great teachers!

Why Poetry Is More Relevant Than Ever

I have been thinking a lot recently about why people think what they do, and how we have created such a divided country filled with people who refuse to see the point of view of anyone who does not already agree with them. I have also been thinking about how educators can work to stop this trend of ears shut, eyes closed, minds shut off from dialogue. I know that empathy is key, and I also think that constantly questioning what we believe is essential to bridging that gap.

Becoming a Top Scholarship Applicant

Higher education continues to be an expensive proposition. Between the projected rise in interest rates and the mounting student loan crisis, teachers, more than ever, are looking for ways to make their own education more affordable. As such, the competition for scholarship money is heating up!

Thankfully, there are ways you can help your scholarship application stand out from the pile. By making a few deliberate choices in how you present yourself, you can become a top scholarship applicant and help defray the costs of your higher education.