Classroom Essentials: Why Tablets Are a Must

Ask any teacher: No two students are created exactly alike, and the approach to educating students varies even by subject. Some children need extra work in order to help push them beyond the limits of the classroom, while others require extra lessons in order to catch up. And teachers, of course, work hard to individualize their lessons—but they might need help. Luckily, there’s technology, specifically tablets, can help in a new educational concept called flipping a classroom.

Flipping a classroom enables teachers to put their lectures on a tablet, so students can listen to them at their own pace. They can use the classroom time to focus more on engagement. More and more teachers are doing just this, and they’re seeing the results in improved grades. They’re also using tablets in the classroom itself in order to work on new concepts or lessons.

So what is flipping a classroom? This graphic can help explain the concept: 

Click to Enlarge Image Tablets in the Classroom