Getting The Most Out Of Your Planning Period

When you become a teacher, there’s a lot they don’t tell you. You are expected to figure out many of teaching’s ins and outs on your own. One of these things is getting the most out of each planning period. If you didn’t already know, a planning period is the one period you have each day to ‘plan.’ Why the ‘’ marks? Well, a lot can happen during a planning period, and sometimes actual lesson planning does not happen at all. In this article I’ll teach you some planning period trade secrets. That being said, let’s turn the 47-55 minutes you have each day into pure gold!

How to Decide If Your Tech is Accessible to Students with Special Needs

The use of traditional educational tools like textbooks and pencils hasn’t done much for the nearly 13% of the K-12 student population who have special needs. In fact, in many cases, the accommodations and modifications teachers use with these students involves chunking text, using different texts, and modifying the delivery of lessons to include text and instruction at a different reading level. In addition, students with motor issues may need assistance gripping pencils, making writing on paper difficult.

What I Want My Students To Understand About The Immigration Experience

I’ve worked hard to develop engaging lesson plans about immigration.  It’s a topic about which I feel a lot of passion, and I have been thinking recently about exactly what it is that I want students to learn about the immigration experience.  Of course, to try to pigeonhole the struggles and triumphs of millions of people into one neat little lesson plan is ridiculous, but I do have a few goals that I want to accomplish.

The Benefits of Career and Technical Education Programs

There’s a long-standing stigma around vocational technology programs. It began in the 1970s when white collar jobs began to be seen as more important than factory work and manufacturing. Suddenly, working with your hands wasn’t as admirable as working with your brain. Tech and manufacturing jobs got shipped overseas and the educational system began to focus on academic measures of success.

6 Tips For Getting Your Students To Try Something New

Whether you want them to try poetry writing or activities to adopt a growth mindset or even a new way of signing out the bathroom pass, it is not always easy to get students to try something new.  I’ve tried some crazy ideas on my students—some that flopped, and some that I have stayed with for years.  But it isn't enough to just have an inspired idea.  You’ll have a little work to do if you want to get students to change the status quo, but innovation is worth the risk.

Writing Your First College Recommendation Letter

Every fall, a similar scene plays out at high schools across the nation. A senior approaches a teacher and says, “Mr. [Insert Name Here], you were my favorite teacher last year. I was wondering if…” If you don’t know the next words out of the student’s mouth, that means no student has ever asked you to write a college recommendation letter. There’s a lot to know about writing a good letter. By the end of this article, you’ll have a grasp on the basics, and possess resources that will help you on your letter-writing journey.