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Masters of Education Application Process


Once you have selected a degree, and decided whether or not you’d like to complete your education online or at the physical university, it’s time to start looking at some specific programs and putting together your application.

Generally speaking, most applications work in pretty much the same way. A good way to get started, since you’ll most likely be applying to several schools, is to download each application and make a spreadsheet to keep yourself on track. Create a timetable to make sure that you have the right materials completed early enough to ensure you turn your application in on time.

Start with the application due date and work backwards from there. Give yourself ample time for each essay, reference letter, and transcript and mark down the dates that you would like to have these materials completed by so that you can meet the application deadline.

Applications vary from school to school but most require you to complete the application itself, which may contain essays and additional information. Most applications require additional supplements such as undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendation, and various test scores such as the Praxis I-Academic Skills Assessment.

Additionally, some Masters of Education programs require that you have previously received your teacher certification to enroll while others grant teacher certification through the course of the program. This is an important question to ask when applying to any Masters of Education program. If the program does require a teacher certification then find out how to become a certified teacher in your state from Certification Map.

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