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How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Hawaii 

Under the Hawaii Department of Education, anyone with a bachelor’s degree or higher can be deemed eligible for a substitute teaching position within the Hawaii Public School system. However, candidates who have completed a State-Approved Teacher Education Program (SATEP) are given first priority.

The substitute teacher application process involves the following:

  1. Interview: Substitute teacher applicants are required to arrange an interview with a school administrator to discuss placement. Once candidates are placed on the “preferred list,” they are eligible for substitute teaching jobs throughout the entire Hawaii Public School system.
  2. Substitute teacher course: Substitute teacher courses are offered at local community schools. You can also take the course online, followed by an in-person written exam.
  3. Application: Contact your local school administrator for a Substitute Teaching Application. Submit the application along with the following documents:
    1. Copy of original Social Security card
    2. Official college transcript(s)
    3. Tuberculosis (TB) test clearance certificate no older than one year from application date
    4. Copy of Substitute Teacher Course Completion Certificate
    5. Background Check and Fingerprint Clearance

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