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5 Notable People with Ed.D’s

Though Doctorates of Education can take your career any number of places, they’re fairly low profile: few people are aware of the diverse group of notable people that hold Ed.D’s. Whether it’s championship-winning basketball players, professors who have crossed over into public consciousness or radio talk show hosts, here are five notable people who hold […]

Top 10 Cities for Teachers

Teachers have the challenging but rewarding task of teaching tomorrow’s leaders. Besides working in a dynamic environment, teachers have the opportunity to shape lives. The more tangible rewards that come with teaching, including job security, a good salary and an interesting social life, often depend on location...


What You Need to Know About Teacher Sabbatical Programs

Teaching can be a challenging career. Many teachers begin feeling burned out and want to take a break from their normal routine. Unfortunately, taking such a break isn’t possible financially for most of these teachers. Instead of taking a sabbatical from teaching altogether, individuals who already possess teacher certification can obtain TESOL certification and teach […]

Minecraft: Coming to a School Near You

Although it is considered low-tech compared to today’s computer games, Minecraft has become extremely popular among students in almost every grade level. The 16-bit computer game allows users to build homes, care for livestock and ward off “creepers,” or zombies. Education News reports that the game is now getting a new fan base: educators. In fact, this game, launched in 2011, is now being used in schools across the globe to teach concepts like community planning and environmental stewardship.

WISE App: To Grade or Not to Grade?

Many innovations have taken aspects of teaching into the 21st century, but what about grading? For most teachers, grading takes up a large part of their time that could be spent making class plans or creating a new curriculum. Once tests are graded, it takes even more time to aggregate and analyze the results. Recently […]

The Pros and Cons of Summer Vacation

Over time, traditions develop and become a part of our identity. They grow from different circumstances and exert a range of influences over our lives. One such tradition is the western school calendar which usually includes a three-month summer break. Grown from a need to have as many hands possible present at harvest, summer vacation […]