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TESOL Teacher Salary

The salary of a TESOL teacher relies largely on whether the instructor chooses to teach within the United States or in a non-English speaking country abroad. Although teaching positions within the United States usually confer larger salaries, posts abroad also come with their own particular perks.

Salary of ESL Teachers in the United States

Teaching English to speakers of other languages within the United States is often known as ESL. According to PayScale, elementary school teachers certified in ESL (regardless of whether they choose to teach it) can earn a median salary of $44,925; secondary school teachers certified in ESL can earn a median salary of $44,226.

ESL teachers at all grade levels earn an average of $40,390 a year.

Salary of TESOL Teachers in Non-English Speaking Countries

The salary and benefits of a TESOL teacher abroad vary according to nation and program. Compensation is paid in the host nation’s currency, varies according to status of employment (full-time / part-time), and may take the form of either a hourly wage or salary.

In most situations, TESOL teachers are able to live comfortably in their host nation, with enough money to enjoy their free time and vacations. In most countries, it is common for TESOL teachers to take on private students to earn additional income.

Benefits of teaching abroad may also include:

  • Yearly vacation days
  • Free furnished housing (dormitory, hotel or private lodgings) or housing allowance
  • Free or partially-reimbursed round-trip airfare
  • Full or partial medical insurance coverage
  • Bonuses
  • Aid for candidates in the process of obtaining a work visa

Besides monetary or material compensation, teaching abroad also offers instructors an opportunity to travel and experience different cultures.